Significantly diverse

Significantly diverse

Health Industry



It aims to provide high-quality health services, medical care, and preventive healthcare products. This includes the development of medical facilities and healthcare technologies, promoting scientific health research, and operating hospitals and healthcare centers, all with the goal of achieving the following objectives:


Attracting and developing qualified health competencies locally and globally

Elevating the quality of healthcare and medical care services

Optimal investment in medical facilities and the deployment of healthcare technologies

Providing an integrated healthcare environment that combines education, training, and scientific research

Enhancing national, regional, and international partnerships

Enhancing social responsibility and promoting health literacy

Prominent Investments in Health

Ruaa Health Care Company

Dammam Valley's subsidiary operates in the medical management sector, overseeing hospitals and healthcare facilities. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality and comprehensive healthcare services, including medical, nursing, and other services, to meet patient needs and enhance the overall quality of healthcare delivery.