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Industrial Biotechnology

Industrial biotechnology is use of biotechnology in manufacturing to maximize and optimize biochemical pathways. It helps in developing industrial products such as chemicals, and fuel materials. New techniques are being applied to thousands of microorganisms, including bacteria, yeasts, and fungi, as well as marine diatoms and protozoa to develop solutions in the field.

Industrial Drill
Electric Grinder

Benefits of Industrial Biotechnology

Boost productivity through using developed products or machines that fasten processes

Enhance efficiency and effectiveness by developing new and faster techniques thus reducing cost and time

Use of fewer resources and less power by developing alternative ways to fuel machines.

Increase profit by providing developed solutions and techniques that minimize cost to reach higher profit and returns

Develop environment-friendly products and processes through solutions that include carbon reductions, reduction of waste and energy use, and displacement of fossil fuels

industry machine
Industrial Tractor

Referred to as the third wave of biotechnology, industrial biotechnology is new and still evolving, as scientists and researchers are in the process of discovering its benefits to factories, consumers, and the environment.


The applications of industrial biotechnology develop new approaches to prevent pollution and reduce cost, as such benefitting everyone in society.


Development of industrial biotechnology to its full potential may be more impactful on the world than the development of medical biotechnology or agricultural biotechnology. It provides businesses with an opportunity to reduce costs and develop new markets while simultaneously protecting the environment.


It provides a quick pathway to market its products that do not have to go through lengthy review processes as drug products. It is now possible to take a new industrial process from lab study to commercial application in two to five years. Whereas it takes up to ten years for a drug to go through the entire drug development process

Applications in the field

History Highlights of  Industrial Biotechnology 

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